Our Team

We are dedicated to serve in truth and grace and to enter people’s pain and progress

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 Our Pastor 

Dale Crawshaw – Dale has a degree in Bible Education and a Masters in Theology. He has co-planted numerous ministries and is the author of four books. He has been the pastor of North Georgia Church from its inception. Dale and his wife, Rachel, have four children and eleven grandchildren.

“Chances are, if you’ve come through the doors of North Georgia Church twice, Dale has made a point to meet you and get to know you. He is an encourager and he’s genuinely passionate about people. He’s not ashamed to talk to anyone about Jesus and his faith, and passionately wants everyone to have the freeing and joy-inducing certainty of salvation that he has.” – Audrey Milum (Worship Leader)






Our Staff

  • Rachel Crawshaw – Counseling, Women’s Ministry
  • Sheryl Milum – Ministry & Facility Coordinator
  • Mark Butler – Tech & Music
  • Audrey Milum – Worship
  • Cathy Currier – Resource
  • Incite Staff (Student Ministry) – Audrey Milum, Lexi Gagne, Jimmy SanFillipo, Carson Papp, David Papp, Stacy & Dexter Hubbard
  • Ignite Staff (Children’s Ministry) – Lisa Butler, Brandi Hawkins, Linda Towns, Natalie Gibson, Naomi Thompson
  • Nursery – Meg Papp, Cheri Kimbrell
  • Intern – John Harrison

Our Leadership Structure


  • Dwight Milum
  • Curtis Coleman
  • Mark Butler

Stewardship Team

  • Ed Kelso
  • Lisa Butler
  • Mary Nelson
  • Terry Hawkins

Council (3 Year Rotation)

  • Audrey Milum
  • David Papp
  • Nick Wells