Our Team

As a team we are dedicated to being and creating a community where grace matters.

 Our Pastor 

Lee Rogers – Lee grew up in the north Atlanta metro area. He has been working in Christian ministry for the past 10 years and has a deep desire to see the church (the group of people who believe in Jesus) love the world as much as God does! Lee and his wife, Holland, have three amazing children. 2 sons: Smith and Turner. And, 1 daughter: Bennett.

Our Staff

  • Lee Rogers – Lead Pastor
  • Rachel Crawshaw – Pastor, Counselor, Speaking Team
  • Sheryl Milum – Ministry & Facility Director
  • Danik Wilson – Tech & Music intern
  • Abbie Lee – Worship
  • Cathy Currier – Resource
  • Incite Staff (Student Ministry) – Ben Crawshaw
  • Ignite Staff (Children’s Ministry) – Lisa Butler, Anna Guetler, Sheryl Milum
  • Nursery – Meg Papp, Sheryl Milum

Our Leadership Structure


  • Dwight Milum
  • Mark Butler
  • Ken Holcomb
  • Lee Rogers

Stewardship Team

  • Ed Kelso
  • Lisa Butler
  • Mary Nelson

Council (3 Year Rotation)

  • Josh Harrison
  • Cheri Kimbrell
  • Jamie Brewer